Monday, 20 March 2017

New publication by the GUST team

Urban Living Labs (ULL) are advanced as an explicit form of intervention delivering sustainability goals for cities. Established at the boundaries between research, innovation and policy, ULL are intended to design, demonstrate and learn about the effects of urban interventions in real time. While rapidly growing as an empirical phenomenon, our understanding of the nature and purpose of ULL is still evolving. While much of the existing literature draws attention to the aims and workings of ULL, there have to date been fewer critical accounts that seek to understand their purpose and implications. In this paper, we suggest that transition studies and the literature on urban governance offer important insights that can enable us to address this gap.

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Harriet Bulkeley, Lars Coenen, Niki Frantzeskaki, Christian Hartmann, Annica Kronsell, Lindsay Mai, Simon Marvin, Kes McCormick, Frank van Steenbergen and Yuliya Voytenko Palgan (2017) Urban living labs: Governing urban sustainability transitions, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.


  1. GUST has been working for a long time to improve urban lifestyle. However, this article is not detailed. It would be convenient if it was in depth.