Here is a list of publications from the GUST project, including project reports, journal articles, news pieces, and policy briefs.


Kes McCormick and Christian Hartmann (editors). (2017) The Emerging Landscape of Urban Living Labs: Characteristics, Practices and Examples. Deliverable 3.3.2

Project reports

Harriet Bulkeley, Marija Breitfuss, Lars Coenen, Niki Frantzeskaki, Lea Fuenfschilling, Markus Grillitsch, Christian Hartmann, Annica Kronsell, Kes McCormick, Simon Marvin, Qianqing Lindsay Mai, Angelika Sauer, Frank van Steenbergen and Yuliya Voytenko. (2015) Theoretical Framework: Working Paper on Urban Living Labs and Urban Sustainability Transitions. Deliverable 1.1.1

Kes McCormick, Yuliya Voytenko, Annica Kronsell, Lars Coenen, Frank van Steenbergen, Angelika Sauer, Niki Frantzeskaki, James Evans, Lea Fuenfschilling, Markus Grillitsch, Harriet Bulkeley, Christian Hartmann and Marija Breitfuss. (2015) Lund Infra-lab Report. Deliverable 1.2.1a

Marija Breitfuss-Loidl, Christian Hartmann, Angelika Sauer, Lea Fünfschilling, Kes McCormick, Lindsay Mai, Simon Marvin, and Frank van Steenberg. (2016) Graz Infra-lab Report. Deliverable 1.2.1b

Qianqing Lindsay Mai, Harriet Bulkeley, Simon Marvin, Kes McCormick, Yuliya Voytenko, Christian Hartmann, Marija Breitfuss-Loidl, Angelika Sauer, Frans Sengers, Philipp Spaeth, James Evan, Anthony Levenda, Vanesa Castan Broto, Gregory Trencher, and Michael Hodson. (2016) Newcastle Infra-lab Report. Deliverable 1.2.1c

Journal articles

Yuliya Voytenko, Kes McCormick, James Evans and Gabi Schwila. (2016) Urban living labs for sustainability and low carbon cities in Europe: towards a research agenda. Journal of Cleaner Production. Deliverable 1.1.2

Kes McCormick and Bernadett Kiss. (2015) Learning through renovations for urban sustainability: The case of the Malmö Innovation Platform. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. Deliverable 2.1.2a

Mascha Menny, Yuliya Voytenko Palgan and Kes McCormick. (2018) Urban Living Labs and the Role of Users in Co-creation. Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society. Deliverable 2.1.2b

Niki Frantzeskaki, Frank van Steenbergen and Richard Stedman. (2018) Sense of place and experimentation in urban sustainability transitions: The Resilience Lab in Carnisse, Rotterdam. Sustainability Science. Deliverable 2.1.2c

Harriet Bulkeley, Lars Coenen, Niki Frantzeskaki, Christian Hartmann, Annica Kronsell, Lindsay Mai, Simon Marvin, Kes McCormick, Frank van Steenbergen and Yuliya Voytenko Palgan. (2017) Urban living labs: Governing urban sustainability transitions. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. Deliverable 3.2.1a

Annica Kronsell and Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren. (2018) Experimental Governance: The Role of Municipalities in Urban Living Labs. European Planning Studies. Deliverable 2.2.1

News pieces

Harriet Bulkeley. (2015) Can Cities Realise Their Climate Potential? Reflections on COP21 Paris and Beyond. Local Environment.

Harriet Bulkeley. (2015) Climate Changed Cities? Huffington Post.

Policy briefs

GUST Policy Brief (2016) Urban Living Labs. Deliverable 1.1.3

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Learning from Infra-Labs. Deliverables 1.2.2

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Municipalities and Urban Living Labs. Deliverable 1.3.2

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Emergence and Practice of Urban Living Labs. Deliverable 2.1.3

GUST Policy Brief (2016) The Experimental City. Deliverable 2.3.2

GUST Policy Brief (2016) Policy and Practice Workshop in Sweden. Deliverable 2.3.1a

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Policy and Practice Workshop in UK. Deliverable 2.3.1b

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Policy and Practice Workshop in the Netherlands. Deliverable 2.3.1c

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Diffusion from Urban Living Labs. Deliverable 3.1.1

GUST Policy Brief (2016) Pathways Workshop. Deliverable 3.3.1

GUST Policy Brief (2017) Typology of Urban Living Labs. Deliverable 3.3.3