The GUST project is funded by Urban Europe. The aim of the project is to examine, inform and advance the governance of sustainability transitions through urban living labs (ULL).

  • Design: research on the ways in which ULL are being designed and how ULL vary between urban contexts.
  • Practices: research on how, by whom and with what impact ULL are put into practice.
  • Processes: understanding the processes through which ULL create an impact beyond their immediate domain (critical in terms of assessing their potential as a means of governing transitions for sustainability). 
  • Integration: synthesis of empirical results and conceptual links between design, practices and processes as well as co-production of knowledge with key users and disseminating project results.

  • In-depth cases (12-16) of ULL from Sweden, the UK, Austria and the Netherlands including the cities of Malmö, Newcastle, Graz and Rotterdam.
  • Snap-shot cases of ULL examples across Europe.

  • A systematic framework for evaluating the design, practices and processes of ULL to enable the comparative analysis of their potential and limitations.
  • New insights into the governance of urban sustainability and improving the design and implementation of ULL in order to realise their potential.