Thursday, 16 March 2017

GUST in Australia

Innovations in urban governance such as Urban Living Labs (ULL) are expected to accelerate the transition toward more sustainable and climate resilient cities. This has been investigated through 50 snap-shots and 16 in-depth case studies in the Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions (GUST) project. This talk and seminar presents a study that explores the role of urban governments in facilitating ULL as a form of experimental governance. The framework for analysis draws on literature on the governance of sustainability transitions, municipal governance and institutional theory. It emphasizes actor roles in governance focusing on perceived and actual acting space. Three functional roles for the municipality are singled out: promoter, enabler andpartner.

What: Seminar on Municipalities in Urban Living Labs
Who: Annica Kronsell and Chris Ryan from the GUST project
When: Thursday 23 March 2017
Where: Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne

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